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About Us

“HE2020 aims to create and produce world-class quality kitchen equipment that is engineered to perform under heavy-duty loading, has exceptional value for money, technologies that reduce your ongoing operational costs, and backed you up with genuine parts, service, and warranty across Australia and New Zealand.”

Tony Hayek

Tony Hayek

Managing Director of HE2020

The Story Behind HE2020…

In 1979 Tony Hayek, the current Managing Director for HE2020 Pty Ltd, started his career in the hospitality industry as a restaurant owner. By 1983 Tony had his second restaurant which he owned and operated for more than 10 years.

In 1984, Tony began importing pizza equipment to local restaurants in New South Wales just like his own. Tony was then providing quality commercial hospitality equipment that was assisting with the new trend of home deliveries back in the mid-’80s. 

It became clear that there was a much larger market for quality commercial hospitality equipment, available throughout Australia, that needed to be filled. As the business grew and had great success across many segments of the hospitality industry, the range of equipment and services needed to expand. 

In 1989 HE2000 was established and set about creating their own product lines. The launch of the brand ‘Jemi’- Commercial Stainless Steel into the Australian market was so successful that the brands of ‘Greenline’- Commercial Refrigeration, ‘Lamber’- Commercial Dishwasher, and ‘Lava Range’-Commercial Combi Ovens soon followed. HE2000 was now able to provide an extensive range of quality hospitality equipment for all applications.

In 2000, the company name changed to HE2020 where the new “Vision of 2020” was born.

HE2020 now supplies Australia-wide to 1000’s returning clients, including franchised businesses, and has even launched their brands into the New Zealand market. 

The range of equipment has continued to expand, continually evaluating the quality and value. By sourcing from different overseas locations, especially Italy and Asia, HE2020 has been able to customize products suitable for the Australian market, superior in quality, based on the client’s needs, and changes in market trends.

Now as a leading importer and distributor, HE2020 takes pride in its concern for the environment with the use of energy-efficient and water-saving technologies that also reduce ongoing operational costs for each of its clients.

In 2010, HE2020 realized the need for a professional design department within the business, to assist clients with their planning and commercial kitchen design, cut off unnecessary costs, and streamlining the process during fit-out. 

This complimenting service now gives HE2020 clients industry-leading support and guidance to complete their projects with confidence.