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Lamber LINEAR-10-EK Flight Machine 2300 Dishes/hour

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Lamber LINEAR-10-EK Flight Machine 2300 Dishes/hour


  • Body and tank stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304, 12/10 thick
  • Completely automatic
  • Control of the belt-towing system provided with a clutch system that in accidental case stops automatically the belt
  • Upper and lower fixed washing system ( 60 °C )
  • Upper and lower fixed rinsing system ( 85-90 °C )
  • Rinse system with optimized consumption
  • S.S. rinse and wash arms that can be disassembled and interchanged
  • Double skin with thermic and acoustic insulation
  • Drawing washing tanks with rounded edges; guarantee the highest hygiene
  • STAINLESS STEEL self-draining inclined washing pumps
  • The drain valve allows to automatically empty the tanks
  • Counterbalanced door
  • The “SERVICE” function allows programming the maintenance interventions
  • Belt conveyor with stainless steel chain and roll in nylon for a silent sliding
  • Frontal maintenance
  • Entry and exit splash shield, that avoids water splashed and steam leakages
  • Load and unload tables with a slanted bottom
  • Entry and exit table for dishes support
  • Start and Stop button in the entry-exit machine
  • Rinse economizer
  • Automatic tank loading
  • Thermometers for automatic control temperatures of the wash- and rinse water
  • Tank and pump filters
  • Insulated Boiler


  • 1 Wash – wash arms: 4 upper + 4 lower
  • 1 Rinse – rinse arms : 1 upper + 1 lower


  • Low tension keyboard drives
  • A Digital display indicates the temperatures of different tanks Sequential visualization of inlet/washing/rinse water temperature
  • Single visualization of the other temperatures through the push selector switch
  • PCB-board programming according to the type of machine and to the customer’s demand
  • Alerts and functions showed on a display
  • Warning light indicating “door open “or absence of overflow (when present) Limit switch alarm
  • Water-fail alarm (tank loading) Flux meter alarm (when present) Thermic relays alarm motors
  • Signaling of various functions and cycles starting 5 – Rinse boiler filling at daily starting
  • Speed selection push button or machine running with the motor drive off 7 – Drying push button and light (when present)
  • Pre-rinse push button and light
  • Auto timer push button and light (when present) 10 – Rinse light
  • Flux meter light
  • Basket entry light (when present) 13 – Washing tank water level light
  • Programming of maintenance operations
  • Storage of dishwasher’s total and partial working hours


  • Adjustable and strong feet
  • Emergency Pushbutton in entrance and exit of the machine
  • Pressure switch protection for heating elements
  • Thermic protection for wash pump
  • Automatic stopping of conveyor in case of foreign bodies
  • Low voltage control circuit (24V) for greater safety during work operation
  • Dishes (Stop with End Micro-switch on the exit table)
  • Door opening safety device
  • Emergency Lamp


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Lamber LINEAR-10-EK Flight Machine 2300 Dishes/hour


  • One automatic speed: 1,16 mt/m’
  • Hour capacity: 2300 dishes/h
  • Max dimensions for wash: 430 mm height – 625 mm width


  • 1 generic basket
  • 2 cutlery baskets


  • Drying tunnel
  • Steam condenser
  • Pressure pump
  • Extension table (entry-exit)
  • Heat recoverer
  • Heat pump